Jack Brett - Research Engineer

The Crypt of Notation

The Crypt of Notation is an RPG-style game which focuses on the main character, Maalik – the cat guardian of purgatory, who is trying to dispel the evil found in a fictional graveyard by ‘playing funky beats’ and bring peace once again to the afterlife.

Staff Arcade

A collection of mini games all based on the musical staff; the game is designed to help improve reading notation, rhythm and hand/finger dexterity.


Collaboration with VitaeVR, a subsidiary company of Outpost VFX, Sony, Epic Games and the KCL psychology department.

Bridge Wavers

A game which was inspired by many local walks during the lockdown period.

Icon Experience

A game developed in collaboration with a Psychology research group based at BU

PhD Thesis

Thesis written for Engineering Doctorate at Bournemouth University.

Sight-Reading Test

A skill test that was used during the EngD which helped determine the ability to read a piece of music to a set tempo.

Note Flash

Note Flash is a game in which a visual cue flashes on the screen and players must play the corresponding key.


Play in musical scales and record simple loops.

Tappy Notes

A colourful rhythm game that derived from my struggle to play with two hands at the keyboard. Essentially, players must play a repeating pattern with one hand and play additional notes with the other to earn extra points.

Night At The Museum Level

A level designed in Unreal Engine 4.

Notes Invaders

The core loop of Notes Invaders is to prevent ‘enemies’ hitting the player ship, otherwise the player loses a life (with three lives available in total). To destroy an enemy, players must play out each phrase.

Naval History & Forum

A forum created using phpBB which is used a platform to discuss Naval history as well as other literature and artefacts.